An effective supplement for supporting the immune system, reducing fatigue and improving airway health.


60 capsule pack

371 mg / capsule

Thanks to its valuable ingredients LYL immunUP has the following effect:

  • promotes proper functioning of the immune system and reinforces it during and after strenuous physical activity;
  • provides support for the body’s natural defences;
  • alleviates fatigue and exhaustion;
  • promotes normal metabolic energy production;
  • promotes normal metabolism of macroelements (fats, carbohydrates, proteins);
  • ensures healthy skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes;
  • promotes normal pigmentation of hair and skin;
  • ensures healthy bones and teeth;
  • promotes healthy vision;
  • ensures proper functioning of muscles;
  • ensures optimal airway defences;
  • promotes proper functioning of the nervous system, psychological and cognitive functioning;
  • promotes normal fertility and reproductive function, and spermatogenesis;
  • promotes hormonal balance;
  • promotes normal functioning of the thyroid;
  • promotes normal acid-base balance;
  • promotes normal production of red blood cells and haemoglobin;
  • promotes normal production of new blood cells;
  • promotes normal transport of oxygen in the body;
  • ensures cell mitosis;
  • protects cells against oxidative stress.

Formula designed especially for people living in the Baltic region:

theLYL immunUP formula takes into account all of the most typical challenges to the immune system that people living in this region face.

Immuno-specific ingredients:

it includes nutrients that studies have found to have a direct link with the functioning of the immune system. Similar products also contain other nutrients, supplementation of which is absolutely unnecessary.

Optimum dose of ingredients:

the amount of nutrients in the product is enough to prevent deficiencies, but at the same time it is balanced to avoid supressing the body’s natural defences. Similar immunity boosting products include nutrients that the immune system does not need or mega-doses of nutrients that place an unnecessary burden on the body.

Includes natural vitamin C from acerola cherries:

it is no secret that the majority of multivitamins contain artificially produced vitamin C, which is not derived from natural products.

Significant amount of vitamin D3:

unlike many other products where vitamin D3 is only present in name and its dose is miniscule, LYL immunUP contains a carefully assessed amount, which  has been established based on local studies and expert recommendations.

Plant extract complex:

taking into consideration the well-known fact that substances are never isolated in products and always part of complexes, the LYL immunUP formula contains 7 familiar natural plant extracts.