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What are the ingredients of LYL immunUP®?

LYL immunUP® contains 17 active ingredients that are important to overall health – six vitamins (natural vitamin C, vitamins D3, A, B6, B9 or folic acid and B12), four minerals (zinc, copper, selenium and iron) and seven valuable plant extracts.
LYL immunUP® is the strongest complex for improving immunity, reducing tiredness and supporting overall health.

What is LYL immunUP®?

LYL immunUP® is a complex of vitamins, minerals and biologically active ingredients; it is suited for use throughout the year and regularly, especially if you have been found to have a nutrient deficiency or are in need of extra nutrients due to a non-diverse or insufficient diet, increased physical exertion (for athletes, people doing hard physical work), continuous stress, obesity, chronic alcoholism, pregnant and breast-feeding women, in the recuperation period after various diseases or operations, when antibiotics have been used for lengthy periods, for people over 50 and people who have disrupted nutrient absorption.

How does LYL immunUP® work?

The combination of ingredients in LYL immunUP® supports both the immune system, as well as metabolism, it helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, improves nerve function, vision, bone and dental health, skin, hair and nail health, protects cells against free radicals and/or reduces damage done by free radicals, improves respiratory health.

What might my body be in need of?

Due to modern farming methods the amount of vitamins and minerals in food has significantly decreased.
Special attention ought to be given to ensuring sufficient intake of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B9 (folic acid) and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D3 and E.
It is recommended to take these in addition to your regular diet as part of a complex.
Supplementing your diet with only one vitamin or mineral is not suited to the body’s needs and can lead to problems in the long-run by creating an imbalance in the body.
An exception to the rule is vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids, which are safe and even recommended to take separately.

Why is LYL immunUP® the strongest immunity boosting supplement available in Latvia?

Take LYL immunUP® to reduce susceptibility to infection as well as the duration and gravity of illness.
All of the most typical challenges to health for people living in our region have been taken into account in designing the LYL immunUP® formula.
LYL immunUP® is the only supplement in Latvia that is completely immunity-oriented – it contains all the microelements that the immune system requires, thus ensuring smooth functioning of the three most crucial levels of the immune system – the defence abilities of skin and mucus membranes, cell immunity and the ability to produce antibodies.
The dosage of micronutrients in LYL immunUP® is optimal for eliminating deficiency whilst not supressing the functioning of the immune system itself.
The plant extracts included in the formula also strengthen immunity by supporting the body’s natural defences, calming and soothing the throat, airways, vocal cords and easing an itchy throat, helping maintain optimal respiratory defences.

Why is it recommended to use LYL immunUP® also in the summer?

In summer the body is in special need of antioxidants as large amounts of them are destroyed in fighting against UV radiation.
LYL immunUP® contains several ingredients with strong antioxidative properties – vitamin C, zinc, selenium, copper and biologically active ingredients from plant extracts.
Vitamin C is necessary for the body to be able to adapt to heat. It also eases symptoms of seasonal allergies.
Vitamin A is anti-inflammatory – it helps the skin recover more quickly from burns.
The substances included in LYL immunUP® also ease symptoms arising from insect bites. Plant extracts have a mildly diuretic effect – they decrease swelling.

Why is LYL immunUP® recommended for better mood?

There are ten nutrients that have an explicit role in ensuring proper brain function.
They reach the brain where they begin to regulate mood – fighting off depression, washing away anxiety and improving overall mood.
These nutrients are calcium, chromium, B9 (folic acid), iron, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins B6, B12, D3 and zinc.
Dietary supplement LYL immunUP® contains 6 of these mood boosting nutrients!

Does LYL immunUP® improve hair health?

LYL immunUP® contains ingredients that promote skin, nail and hair health – B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D3 and zinc.
Therefore in addition to strengthening overall health and immunity, this vitamin complex also promotes hair growth and improves its appearance.

Why are vitamins and minerals important?

Vitamins and minerals or in a word – micronutrients – do not contain calories. They act as catalysts, i.e. they initiate many biochemical reactions in the body.
The majority of vitamins are not accumulated in the body, therefore it is important to ingest them regularly.
The LYL immunUP® vitamin and mineral complex provides the body with a balanced dose of the micronutrients that diets of people in our region most often lack in sufficient amounts.

Why are plant extracts included in the LYL immunUP® formula?

Biologically active ingredients have been combined with vitamins and minerals in order to create a formula that the body can easily recognise thus ensuring that all of the ingredients in LYL immunUP® are absorbed and their effect is reinforced and expanded.
The plant extracts included have long been known to be valuable and have also been recognised as such by modern medicine.

Is natural vitamin C better than synthetic vitamin C?

Vitamin C is not found in isolated form in fruits and vegetables as it is always part of a complex.
The vitamin C derived from the extract of acerola cherries, which is included in LYL immunUP®, is also obtained from a complex consisting of various biologically active substances – bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
These substances work in synergy in the body and do not disrupt the balance of other nutrients such as lowered levels of iron and copper, which can, however, be caused by synthetic vitamin C or a mega-dose of the vitamin.
Natural vitamin C is nontoxic, it is significantly less acidic and less of it is expelled by the body.
Vitamin C is also crucial for the proper absorption of another ingredient in LYL immunUP® – iron.
Studies have also found a positive correlation vitamin C has with another LYL immunUP® ingredient – Echinacea.
Scientists have concluded that people taking vitamin C together with Echinacea got a cough 86% less than the placebo group.

Do I have to take additional vitamin D3 while taking LYL immunUP®?

LYL immunUP® contains 10 µg of vitamin D3, which is the “golden standard”.
Furthermore, LYL immunUP® contains the most effective form of vitamin D – D3, which is the form created by sunlight.
It is recognised by the body and best increases vitamin D levels.
Other vitamin and mineral multi-complexes could be unsuited for vitamin D supplementation as they usually contain insufficient amounts of vitamin D3.

Can LYL immunUP® capsules be added into food?

Yes, the LYL immunUP® capsule is easily opened and its contents can be poured onto a spoon, mixed into yoghurt, porridge.

Is LYL immunUP® suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, LYL immunUP® is suitable for vegetarians. LYL immunUP® does not contain gelatine. The capsules are plant-based (hypromellose).

Can LYL immunUP® be taken together with another multivitamin?

There is no need to take another similar supplement while taking LYL immunUP®. We do not recommend taking other products containing vitamin A, while taking LYL immunUP®.

Can I take LYL immunUP® while taking medication?

If you are taking other medication, we recommend you consult with a doctor prior to beginning supplementing with LYL immunUP®.

Which part of the day is best for taking the LYL immunUP® complex?

It can be taken at any time of the day as long as you take it with food. We recommend taking LYL immunUP® at the same time every day so that it becomes part of your daily routine.

Can children take LYL immunUP®?

Yes, the suitable dose for children aged 5-11 is 1 LYL immunUP® capsule a day.

What is the recommended course for takign LYL immunUP®? How often and long should it be taken?

Adults should take two LYL immunUP® capsules a day.
It is suitable for continuous use, especially if you have been found to have a nutrient deficiency or are in need of extra nutrients – in the recuperation period after various diseases or operations, when antibiotics have been used for lengthy periods, for people over 50, if you are performing hard physical work (incl. athletes), if you have eating disorders, including reduced amount of calories in your diet, obesity, chronic alcoholism, for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Is LYL immunUP® suitable during pregnancy?

LYL immunUP® contains B9 (folic acid), iron and vitamin C (helps absorb iron), which are necessary during pregnancy.
If you are taking LYL immunUP® we recommend that you do not take other vitamin A rich products.
Please note that a balanced diet (containing liver and foods made of liver, milk and dairy products, margarine, eggs, plant oils) provides the necessary daily dose of vitamin A or even exceeds it (especially if you are eating liver and food containing it).
Please take precaution with vitamin A-rich products while taking LYL immunUP® during pregnancy and nursing.

Information about allergens.

LYL immunUP® does not contain artificial colouring, lactose, gluten, preservatives, salt or yeast.
LYL immunUP® does not contain gelatine. The capsules are plant-based (hypromellose).
It does not contain allergens as laid down in Regulation (EU) No.1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

When should I not take LYL immunUP®?

You must not take LYL immunUP® if you are:

§ allergic to one or more of its ingredients;
§ if you already have increased levels of vitamin A or D (hypervitaminosis);
§ if you are taking other supplements containing vitamins A and D;
§ if you are taking retinoids (acne medication);
§ if you have disturbed kidney function.

Pharmacies offer a wide variety of vitamin complexes for boosting immunity. How is LYL immunUP® different from similar products?

Firstly, because of its formula asLYL immunUP® has been designed taking into account the most typical challenges to the immune system people face in our region on a daily basis.
Secondly, the LYL immunUP® formula is unique as it is the only product in the market with such a potent formula with the most active ingredients.
Thirdly, LYL immunUP® contains an optimal dose of components – exactly as much as is needed to benefit the body without burdening it or supressing the natural defences.