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Vitamin D3 – against cough, runny nose and sneezing

It is a logical scientific conclusion that in winter people with depleted vitamin D levels fall ill more often.
Vitamin D activates and boosts the activity of various immune cells123 and it is necessary for the formation of antimicrobial substances (alpha- and beta-defensin) in saliva, tears and sweat.
For example, a 6-month study was performed involving 800 young Finnish males, counting the number of days they missed work due to illness caused by an upper respiratory infection. The men whose level of vitamin D was lower than 16 ng/ml (the recommended norm is at least 30 ng/ml), were ill and missed work significantly more often. Smokers especially need to consider supplementing vitamin D3, as they tend to display significantly lower levels of the vitamin as compared to non-smokers4.
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